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Welcome to Phase 2

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Welcome to phase two of the project 21st Century skills!


Find relevant information to get started, a task to complete, and opportunity to interact with your mentors and mentees. This workspace is public. However, we ask you to request access and log in to fully fulfill your role as an active participant of this community. Please, leave your comments, suggestions, and insights in the comment box on the bottom of this page (you will need to be logged in for that). 





So, why should I take part in this project?


  • To lengthen the education arc with the notion that learning continues outside the classroom in collaborative and interactive spaces of BNCs.  
  • To convey the relevance of Smithsonian content as established by the IIP-Smithsonian partnership.
  • To promote U.S. foreign policy goals with each implementing activity.
  • To adopt the maker movement as an essential education approach for achieving 21st century information literacy and digital skills.


So, what should we focus on right now? 


  • In each semester, BNCs must run at least two STEAM/maker activities* promoting U.S. foreign policy goals that go beyond soft policy goals (celebrative dates) and address themes like innovation, digital literacy, and entrepreneurship. 
  • We are working collaboratively to help each other and strengthen the network.


Ok, got it, but how can I get started?


  • Organize a team in your institution.
  • Reach out for help and guidance. Talk to your mentors and mentees as well as the project team members at Casa Thomas Jefferson. request access to this workspace, and leave your comments here.
  • Participate in the project`s digital system. Facebook, wiki, and blog. 


 What is my next task?


Find an idea on this wiki to implement. Make sure you use Smithsonian content and address a foreign policy goal.Try to move away from celebrative dates and focus your attention on themes like innovation, digital literacy, entrepreneurship, or climate change. 


Get ready to share your first program plan on November 25th to get feedback and insight from the group.


Improve your program plan by following participant's suggestions.


Announce your first  program plan on the project’s platform  by December 4th. 


Program plans will be revised by IRC and Embassy's staff members. 


Submit  program plans for the first semester of 2016* on February 16th.

Your school must run at least two STEAM/maker activities* promoting U.S. foreign policy goals. You should favor topics like innovation, digital literacy, and entrepreneurship. Make sure you add Smithsonian content to enrich your programs and value their partnership in this project.


           Participating institutions should run at least two programs between February - May 2016.



Easy ways to get started.


  • Use the materials in this wiki for conversation clubs.
  • Run programs already tested available on this wiki.
  • Reach out, look for help, interact.
  • Discover, experience, share! 






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