Smithsonian Maker Activities _ 2016

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Hello dearest participants! On this page, you will announce your first program plan by December 4th. Your ideas will be revised by IRC and Embassy's staff members by January 30th to make sure you get the support  you need.


Please use the feedback you get by January 30th to improve your work and get better equipped to submit your program plans for the first semester of 2016 on February 16th. In case you need to send a suggestion, question, or you`d like to schedule a virtual chat to clarify your doubts, please contact



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Vila Velha

Acbeu Salvador
Boa Vista / American Corner   
Casa Tomas Jefferson


Brasília / Science  Corner 
CCBEU Franca   
ACBEU Ribeirão Preto


CCBEU Campinas


CCBEU Sorocaba
ABA  Action Plan 2016.pdf  
CCBEU Goiânia  Library and Cultural Activities 2016.pdf PLANO DE AÇÃO Make Space.docx Makers Movement.pdf
CCBEU Belém  Plano Maker 2016.pdf  
Cultural Londrina  Desenvolvimento de Alfabetização digital
Campo Grande / American Corner   
Alumni - São Paulo


ACBEU Juiz de Fora   
ICBEU - Belo Horizonte 
ICBEU Patrocínio