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Achieving 21st Century Skills


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What   Just as traditional libraries are evolving into dynamic community spaces in the United States, American Spaces must be dynamic learning centers as well. The project 21st Century Skills aims at equipping Bi-national Centers with tools and content from the Smithsonian Institution to become more competitive in their segments.


Why   BNCs that choose to join this project shall acquire innovative tools to introduce to target audiences the enduring concepts of entrepreneurship, leadership, and digital literacy. Extremely relevant concepts for promoting economic prosperity, engaging civic society, and acknowledging a new educational approach that connects learning with the real world. Participating BNCs will meet a core tenet of the U.S. Mission to Brazil by advancing U.S. culture, history, and values, thus adding greater value to their role as partners of the U.S. Government.

How   Create memorable experiences in common areas and/or Resource Centers that are customized, immersive, and make the American Space special.  Bring the library into the 21st century by teaching multiple literacies. Enhance visitors' experience through Smithsonian-inspired designs and the breadth of its engaging and high-quality material.   



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