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American Photographers

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Photography Month

This program aims at exploring the work of four American photographers to expose participants to the richness of their work, inspire people to work on their self image, and sharpen their photo taking skills.


CTJ F508 Contest-01 (1)

Photo Contest

Display posters around school and start a campaign on social media platforms to engage the audience.Reach out for a partner to deliver a photography workshop and a photo contest based on the work of Americam photographers.


Download posters  to print out  here

See photos here



BookFace Contest

Organize a bookface contest at the resource center to promote reading in English.






Geometric paper photo booth


The idea is to make a  photo booth to encourage students to take

photos and share on Instagram.


 IMG_6674  IMG_6667
 IMG_6673  IMG_6669





Makey Makey activity - Say Cheese with Makey Makey

The idea is to use MakeyMakey to snap some photos.

Check it out:


Here is a tutorial for two awesome projects - human powered camera!




Make Your Own 3D Kaleidoscope

Make a 3D articulated kaleidoscope using paper. Here the images alternate from one to another, as you turn the pieces:


Digitalize your Family Memories

Make a box and encourage students to bring their family‚Äôs negatives to transform them into editable digital photos. 


Making a Mini Studio

Invite participants to make a mini studio with miniatures,  legos and small creatures that they could use to create a scenario and snap a photo.



Conversation Club - Photographing

Deliver classes on photographing for advanced or high intermediate students to promote learing about The Smithsonian Photo Contest, practice digital skills, and work on self-image. Download worksheet here










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