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The Invention of the Electic Guitar

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This program uses a repurposed version of the Smithsonian video "Invention of the Electric Guitar"  http://invention.smithsonian.org/centerpieces/electricguitar/index.htm (invention) to provide a good introduction to discussing invention and entrepreneurship with individuals or groups. Participants experience  hands-on activities to boost engagement in American Spaces. 



CTJ-Music-Month (1)



Drop in activities

Display + Ambiance: Resource Centers at American Spaces

Display magazines, books,tablets, sites that relate to the theme- music. Make all the materials available for participants in a way they feel curious. Have the repurposed Smithsonian video "Invention of the Electric Guitar" playing and motivate participants to think of other American inventions that have changed their lives and caused a great impact on American culture.


Diving into MusicResource Centers at American Spaces

This drop in station offers participants the change to experiment with Google Cardboards and experience musical legends perform in VR (virtual reality).

google card board 2


The Cup Song Challenge:  Resource Centers at American Spaces

Students watch interesting videos and face the Cup Song Challenge, which is very popular in the USA. Display a poster with QR codes on it; Each code lands students on a different video in a growing difficulty level. See some  here: https://goo.gl/s0PTzm 

QR code cup songs_2 p.1


The Rythm of Your Heart: 

Participants check their heartbeat  (using an app)and then listen to a song with a similar beat. 

song of your heart 2


Crazy Headphones: 

This activity starts with participants listening to music. Then, participants put the headphones on and sing along. 



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