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Plan your Program

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With sustained Embassy support and creative programming, American Spaces can be lively centers for community engagement and discovery. This page contains programming ideas and plans to address U.S. Foreign Policy Goals. These topics include enduring concepts of entrepreneurship, leadership, and digital literacy, which are relevant for promoting economic prosperity, engaging civic society, and acknowledging a new educational approach that connects learning with the real world. The ideas here were inspired by the Smithsonian Content Package and were specially repurposed for Bi-national centers.  Please, feel free to adapt, remix, provide feedback, and more importantly, share your own ideas for updated programming in American Spaces.  To see the same plans and programs  sorted by Foreign Policy Goals go to MEET THE GOALS. Willing to collaborate, ask for support, give feedback? Send an email to daniela.lyra@ctjonline.com or join our facebook group.



Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Conversation clubs

Urban Farming 

Melting Electronics



Young Entrepreneur 

Entrepreneur Incubator - Disclaimer we have not tested this program yet

Invention at Play

The Invention of the Electric Guitar

Youth Innovation Camp

Goldberg`s Machine 


Science, Technology, Health, Environment, and STEAM

Conversation clubs

Virtual Reality 



Water Day 

Earth Day 

STEAM Family Earth Day program    Smithsonian resources

Climate Change

Arte Povera

Healthy Living

Turn Your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram - Ask Smithsonian

Create your own dinosaur  (Contributed by ABA)

Borrow from Nature

Keep Making It Better

Make Your Environment Safer

Leonardo Da Vinci - A Prolific Maker  

Spark invention literacy - a 3D printer and Printershop iPad app activity  


Digital Literacy


Meet up

Social Media for Communication 

Photo Editing Apps and Portraiture "reading" 

Desenvolvimento de AlfabetizaĆ§Ć£o digital


Education/ Education Diplomacy 

Conversation clubs

Udacity, a free, online education resource. 

Self-directed learning  

Social Media for Communication 

Photo Editing Apps and Portraiture "reading"



Holographic Video Editing - Seriously Amazing


Tech Workshop

Google Apps to Boost Productivity Module I  - Google Docs and Drive

Google Apps to Boost Productivity Module II - Google Keep and Google Calendar




American History, Culture, and Diaspora

Conversation clubs

American Photographers

Aerial America

Smithsonian Photography Contest

Thanksgiving_ Science behind the recipes

Thanksgiving with Julia Child

American Indian Perspectives on Thanksgiving 



Smithsonian Museums

Saint Patrick`s Day

American Indian and Thanksgiving


Human Rights and Tolerance


Conversation clubs

Hugh Herr Bionic Future

Lives Worth living Teacher`s guide - https://goo.gl/HBL3zR 



Hugh Herr Bionic Future

Lives Worth living   

Disabilities through Stamps










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